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Instructions to Bulk Sand Applicant
Read before filling the application
1. For same Municipal permission if applied twice separately by different/same person, both will be rejected.
2. The person/firm applying for bulk sand shall be the person related to the developer Municipal permission holder.
3. If the Municipal permission and the developer applying for sand are different the related development agreement between developer and Municipal permission holder shall be produced. However, the phone number and mail ID of the person/Agency on whom municipal permission obtained shall be provided in the application.
4. The contact details of the developer / permit holder shall be provided for any clarification.
5. Many a time the person/firm applying sand has no relation with persons holding Municipal permission/developer, such applications will be rejected.
6. Amount for the allotted quantity shall be paid at a time.
7. Total eligible GPS enabled Vehicles shall be added once.
8. Only 30% vehicles will be allowed for replacing the existing vehicles.
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